TRAVEL ADVISORY concerning mountain trips.
Attention: all your belongings should be light-weight.

Please pay attention to the comfort and quality of the footwear. If your footwear is new, it would be better if you stretch it by wearing in advance.

- women's backpack of 60-80 liters;
- men's backpack of 90 -120 liters;
- This is an individual thing which should be chosen according to the size, growth and taste of the owner.
- A raincoat in which it is comfortable to go and which will cover you and your backpack as well;
- Gumboots on a thick sole or tourist boots. If the boots are new it would be better if you stretch them by wearing in advance;
- Light-weight spare footwear (sandals or sneakers);
- 3-4 pairs of tracking socks + woolen socks or thermal socks;
- A spare set of warm clothes in a waterproof bag (thermal underwear);
- Wind-resistant sport jacket;
- Light-weight down jacket or wool waist coat -1 piece.
- Warm sweater or fleece jacket;
- Track pants;
- Shorts;
- Cotton T-shirts, underwear;
- Peaked cap or bandana, cap;
- A pair of gloves;
- Swimwear;
- A towel of 50х90 cm for taking a bath;
- A sleeping bag (for temperature of 0 °C) in a waterproof bag;
- Polyurethane tourist rug;
- "podshtuchnik" (seat mat);
- Individual set of light-weight camping ware (a spoon, a cup, a plate, a jack-knife);
- A water bottle of 0,5-0,6 liters;
- A lighter, tourist matches;
- A sun-protection cream (30UV)
- Sunglasses (sunny weather in mountains is a serious challenge for your eyes);
- Personal care products (a towel, a toothpaste and a toothbrush, a soap, a toilet paper, a couple of sachet shampoos and a hand cream);
- Personal first-aid kit taking into account your organism peculiarities (in case of increased pressure, humidity, wild grasses, physical activity and so on);
- Repellents;
- A small lamp with spare batteries,
- A camera;
- Tracking sticks (according to your wish).

In case you do not have any of the hiking outfit, our Company can provide you with it for extra cost.
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