Renting a yacht for travelling across Baikal Lake

One of the best summer trips is travelling across Baikal under sails. It is drive, freedom, nature

Rent a yacht and diversify your rest. You will have a chance to see sunsets and sunrises and feel romanticism of travelling under sails. Enjoy the feeling of full freedom and harmony with nature which gives us wind power every day. You will learn how to catch new understanding of yourself with each wind blowing and feel real interaction with nature. It's an opportunity to breathe a full breast at these particular moments and open your real spirit every time competing with nature. Travelling on a yacht will become the realization of your dream. You will join the community of strong, extraordinary and freedom-loving adventurers.

You will breathe the freshness of Baikal wind and feel the delight of sailing. During such a trip you will feel the power and force of Baikal, see the most beautiful panoramas, visit sacred places and fill yourself with its energy.

Location: Baikal Lake
Season: from June till September
Number of participants: 4-10 people

Why it is favorable for you to rent a yacht from us?

  • We will help to make a program for your expedition for hard-to-reach and reserved spots on the North of Baikal. We will consider all your wishes.
• It is a possibility to travel with all your family members and friends together.
• We will provide quick and professional consultations concerning all questions at all stages of preparation.
• During the trip you will be accompanied by the skilled captain and his crew.

The rent cost:
Depends on the yacht class and varies from 25 000 to 100 000 rubles per day.

The price includes:
• transfer from and to the airport;
• homemade food onboard the yacht;
• sightseeing tour around Irkutsk.

The price does not include:
• staying in a cozy hotel in Irkutsk: we will book on request;
• meals in Irkutsk;
• alcoholic drinks;
• tobacco products;

Flexible system of discounts:
• If your birthday is during the trip;
• If you rent a yacht for 10 and more days;
• We also provide family and group discounts.

Challenge yourself! Experience the force of Baikal wind and enjoy the feeling of freedom. Rent a yacht for travelling across Baikal for 3 and more days. Leave the application and we will call you back.

In addition for renting a yacht we offer the following excursions:
• excursion to the Taltsi Museum of Architecture and Ethnography
• excursion to the Baikal museum
• excursion around the Circum-Baikal railroad;
• excursion to the Tunkinsky Valley

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