Hiking Trip 'Magic of Shumak'

Our skilled instructors-guides accompany you during all 11 days of this trip. You will pass through Shumaksky pass and visit the Valley of Hundred Springs.

Dates: 11-21 of July, 2019
Itinerary: Irkutsk – Arshan – Zhemchug - Nilova Pustyn' - Shumaksky pass - Valley of Hundred Springs - Shumaksky pass - Nilova Pustyn' - Irkutsk
Tour Duration: 11 days, 10 nights
Number of participants: 4-9 persons

Direct your way to the fertile "Valley of Hundred Springs" hidden behind the abrupt spurs of Tunkinskie Goltsi of the Eastern Sayan Mountains. The region of mountain rivers and healing arshans (mineral water).

The place which keeps silence and only the nature sounds. You will climb to the pass of 2760 m heigh and rise over the hustle and bustle of the city. You will spend 10 days at one with nature. Without Internet and mobile communication.

Difficulty category: 2. For physically strong people. This trip is for you. Even if you have never went hiking, but you have enough power for such physical activity and irresistible desire to spend your vacation in an active way. And to take your child of a school age with you. And to see new places.

Shumak Valley is the place where the universe hears the soul of a person. People from all over the world visit this favored place for years to come. It is widely thought that healing vivifying waters, mountain air and special power of this place help to strengthen health and prolong life. People started to feel the force of this valley long time ago. The blind person began to see clearly in this very place. People who had to use crutches did not need them any more after visiting this place. There were so many cases of healing and inflow of forces here that local inhabitants began to consider this place sacred. People began to visit it for treatment, praying for their health and well-being and going through ceremonies.

Join the tour 'Magic of Shumak'.
Attention: Meeting time is 10 a.m.

It is important to know: we will meet you in the airport or on the railway station. In case of delay for any reasons, you will have to catch the group on your own. We recommend you to arrive a day before the tour.
1 day

Travelling along the Tunkinsky Valley which lies in God's palms between Baikal and Khubsugul Lakes, drinking mineral water in Arshan, bathing in thermal springs of Zhemchug, getting acquainted with ethnic Buryat cuisine.
2-5 days

We will go along the Shumaksky track. Picturesque nature, tasty water from mountain rivers, hearty gatherings near the fire will make you forget about all inconveniences. There are plenty of places here to admire. You can also learn more about peculiarities of other cultures and religions here.
6-8 days

Having a rest in the Valley of Hundred Springs.
It's a possibility of drinking mineral waters, having radon and mineral baths. We will have an excursion to the Sacred Mountain Khuukheyn – Khada, to Marble and Ice falls. We will touch the stone which grants wishes.
9-11 days

Going back to Nilova Pustin' using familiar itinerary, then back to Irkutsk. The way back is easier and shorter.
During 11-day tour you will receive lots of positive emotions and impressions; you will visit new places and find reliable friends. Challenge yourself by staying 1 day in civilization and 10 days out of a comfort zone. Test yourself for endurance. You will pass nights in a tent camp, cook on a fire and work in a team.

Why is it advantageous to join this trip with us?

• The thought-over tour program and skilled instructors-guides will gradually include you into a travelling rhythm.
• We usually compose small groups consisting of 4-9 persons.
• You can take your child of a school age who dreams about visiting new places together with you into this trip.
• You will have the opportunity to make pictures and video of fine moments throughout the whole tour.
• Safety is the main principle of our work. According to the program each 4-5 tourists have an instructor-guide.
• Our instructors were trained and have certificates of instructor-guides.
• We provide quick, professional and supporting consultations concerning all questions and at all stages of preparation for the trip.

Challenge yourself. Join our trip to the region of mountain rivers and healing arshans (mineral water).

The tour price is 36 800 rubles for 6 people

Flexible discount system:

• If your birthday is during the trip,
• Invite your friend and receive 5% discount,
• There are family and group discounts

The tour price includes:

• meeting and transfer to the airport or the railway station;
• entrance tickets to the Gem Museum;
• lunch in the cafe in Arshan: ethnic cuisine, the average bill is 250 rubles;
• services of the instructor-guide;
• rent of tents;
• rent of equipment for camp fire making;
• camp food;
• group first-aid kit;
• delivery of a part of products on horses (to eat in the Valley of Hundred Springs and on the way back).

The tour price does not include:

  • meals at arrival and departure;
  • overnight stop in yurtas (nomads tents) near Sukhoi Ruchei Settlement;
  • accommodation in the hotel; for city visitors: we will book the room in the hotel according to the application
  • additional drinks and food (except for specified in the program).
  • transfer by all-terrain vehicle according to the following route: Sukhoi Ruchei Settlement – Polyana Natural Boundary
  • insurance from an accident and tick-borne encephalitis (we will help to issue)
  • banya (Russian sauna), shower
Delivery of personal belongings on horses is extra paid. This service is ordered in advance and individually. The service price is specified when booking a tour.

What to take with you:

Tourist's instruction

It will become some kind of challenge for you. This way needs to be passed on foot. Then you will share it with your family members and friends. And you will be proud. Please fill the application form and we will call you back.

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